As Umdasch Group, our core competencies are in construction and storemaking, so we are experts in 3D building. A perfect combination of skills to create virtual (VR) experiences of spaces which enable retailers and brands to stage and market products and services.
Meet here part of our team as their avatars, experts in capturing of existing spaces and design of 3D spaces.


The global metaverse market size is projected to grow from USD 63 billion  in 2021 to USD 1,528 billion in 2029.
The Metaverse will be the next generation of the Internet, simply put in virtual 3D reality. Customers expect more and more inspiring experiences, the metaverse is offering this completely new opportunity. Our 360/3D experiences will be your first move into this future and will delight your customers.

What we are offering for you

Let customers experience your products and services in virtual spaces.

We create walkable virtual reality tours of stores, showrooms and buildings, interactive with information (text, photos, videos, links etc.) and features (shopping, chats, etc.). We master different technologies to capture excisting spaces (360° photography, 3D scans) but also only design virtual spaces (3D models).

Reality Capturing of existing spaces with 360° photos & scans
Create 3D models of planned or existing spaces
Compositing to create VR experience tour
Enrich with information and interaction (videos, links, shopping …)
Publish VR tour to easily get visited via Internet / Metaverse

Our Customers & Solutions

Our Customers &

Retailers & Brands

Virtual Stores

Want to sell products online in a virtual 3D/VR store?
We create virtual 3D/VR stores to enable a new generation of online shopping where customers can experience spaces and products.


Virtual Showrooms & Expos

Want to use an innovative style of product presentation?
We create virtual showrooms or capture exhibition booths to stage your products and services for a new style of Marketing and Sales.

Architecture & Real Estate

Virtual Building Tours

Want to present your planned building in 3D/VR?
We transform a 3D model to a VR experience to easily present a building virtually to your stakeholders in the planning and building phase.

Your Benefits of Virtual Spaces & Tours

Physical spaces have limits. Virtual Spaces have NO LIMITS!
Any design and experience is possible. And anytime 24/7 and from anywhere in the world visitable.

  • 24/7 available, without limitations.

  • Worldwide easy accessible from anywhere, only a Internet Browser is required.

  • People are more excited from 3D rooms than just from websites.

  • VR is unstoppable and will be the next medium. The metaverse is coming.

  • Innovative Marketing & Sales in 3D/360/VR.

  • No limits in the design of virtual spaces like physical limits.


Our Services

We make your spaces in the virtual world accessable, existing spaces can be captured with 3D scans or 360 Photography. Spaces in planning or virtual spaces can be modelling in 3D.

Concept Development

Strategy, Storytelling, User Journey  & UX Design.

Space Capturing

360 Photography and 3D Scans of buildings, Drones.

Space Modelling

3D Modelling.

Create Interactive Tour

Interactive digital touchpoints and features, e.g. information, videos, e-commerce, communication.

Experience Virtual Spaces

Publishing, Hosting, Maintenance.
Easy accessible via web browser, mobile or VR glass.


Metaverse: Concept, Consulting, Design, Publishing.


References & Projects

Showroom: Doka Tour

VR Tour of the Doka Showroom “Doka Forum” based on 360° photographs with integrated product details from the website, accessilbe via any browser.

Neulandt Factory Tour

VR tour based on the 3D model of the Neulandt factory for easy presentations to customers and stakeholders. Easy accessible via Internet Browser.

Bauma Expo – Umdasch Group

Use Cases:
1. VR tour with 3D models to train the staff before the fair.
2. VR tour with 360° photos for visiting the fair 24/7 from around the world.

Sibiu Hospital 360° Tour

The VR tour serves to present this important construction project to the stakeholders. We created the tour based on the 3D model provided by the architects and enriched it with information.

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